Clear Clutch Cover Face – Titanium


KTM LC8 Titanium faced clutch covers for:
-950/990 ADV
-950 SE
-950 SM
-990 SMT

The best Rekluse combo package offered anywhere!  (Contact us for details) After installing a Rekluse Pro-Start clutch in my 06 950 ADV S, I found that my orange after-market KTM cover no longer fit. Wanting something different, yet functional, I made a cover that is 1.4lbs and very strong. Made out of 6061-T6 aluminum, Titanium, Polycarbonate, stainless hardware and O-ringed. This offers a clean, leak proof cover that’s easy on and off, just like your stock cover. (No more than 10 Min. install time)

Covers works with Stock clutch and all Rekluse PRO and EXP systems.

  • Stock cover is .96 lbs w/o metal dampener inside. CJ Designs cover is 1.4 lbs. Small weight gain for the amount of strength and protections added!
  • Reinforced with Titanium where your brake lever would crack your stock cover, or dent the after-market KTM cover in a crash.
  • This cover is minimally thicker (overall height) than your stock cover, even though there is .375″ of protection in areas to prevent crash damage.
  • Also allows you to visually check for oil contamination when river crossing are often, or you have a tip over. (this is not a wet sump motor so this is not a sight glass for oil level)
  • This is an easy way to make sure your clutch bolts are not loosening up, catastrophic failure occurs when that happens.
  • Reuse your stock clutch cover gasket and is fully rebuild-able if need be.
  • The stock cover has a Vibration dampener on the inside, this does not. Removal will not effect engine performance.


If any cover part should fail for mechanical reasons, I will rebuild it, or refund your money with pre-paid return of item. If failure is because of a crash, that will be dealt with a review of that instance, cost of rebuilding will be your responsibility.

See installed cover on KTM 950 SE in action!


cjd ti 1/2 twist face
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1Ti 1/2 twist FACE- Need to order a BASE - (TR-CC)$179.00
Order cjd ti 1/2 twist face Ti 1/2 twist FACE- Need to order a BASE - (TR-CC) @ $179.00