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NEW Husky 701 Billet Aluminum Fuel Filler Neck.


New Option.  You saw it here FIRST!

Acerbis Small Locking Cap

We offer Husky Blue, Black and Machine Finish.

BLUE IN STOCK, Black and Machine Finish due 9/6-9/8 ( updated 8/18/17 )


img_1492img_1494 701-filler-mf-10-17-16

The fuel fill is CNC machined from ONE piece using aircraft aluminum, not a 2 piece welded part like others, then hard anodized. Specially crafted to replace your OEM system. No modifications to your bike or tank are necessary – simply remove the original and bolt ours into place.  Includes an Acerbis Viton sealed plastic fuel cap, which can easily be replaced if need be. All hardware and mounting instructions included. The round top trim plate helps shed dirt and debri from around the fuel filler and give it a factory finished look.

The billet fuel neck attaches directly to your gas tank, using the stock o-ring for a nice fit. Venting is done at the same 90 degree angle as OEM which eliminates having to use a breather vent cap. If you have removed the SAS system you can cap the body vent and vent from the top with a breather listed below.

Optional Drop in, removable and cleanable fuel filter is available. ( Option #10 )

Back in stock by popular demand ! Small Billet Caps . See options below  #4- # 6. ( updated 5.24.17 )

SM-GASCAP-AL examples


We’re also making custom BLUE Footpeg extensions for the Husky.  Add a set during this time for extra savings!

BLUE, BLACK, and MF in stock.

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SM-GASCAP-AL-BL Billet Gas Cap, small blue (CJD-SM-GASCAPK-AL-)

SM-GASCAP-AL-MF Billet Gas Cap, small machine finish

CJD Husky 701 fuel filler
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1HUSKY 701 filler neck kit - BLACK - CJD-FFNK-701-BK (Y-0 )$150.00$145.00
2HUSKY 701 filler neck kit - Machine finish - CJD-FFNK-701-MF ( Y - 0 )$150.00$145.00
3HUSKY 701 filler neck kit - BLUE- CJD-FFNK-701-BL ( Y - 0 )$150.00$145.00
4Upgrade to BLACK Billet Cap (G-E7) CJD-SM-GASCAPK-AL-BK$68.00
5Upgrade to ORANGE Billet Cap (G-E8) CJD-SM-GASCAPK-AL-OR$68.00
6Upgrade to BLUE Billet Cap (G-D8) CJD-SM-GASCAPK-AL-BL$68.00
7701 FILLER COMBO WITH BILLET CAP - BLACK ( Y - 0 ), G-E7)$218.00$210.00
9701 FILLER COMBO WITH BILLET CAP - BLUE ( Y - 0 ), G-D8)$218.00$210.00
10Drop in fuel filter for 690/701/990smt filler - 286148 (R-G4)$36.99$35.00
11Cap vent, one way breather - black (480-7001) (PB-P)$15.00
12Cap vent, one way breather - silver (480-7001) (PB-P) misc item$15.00
13Cap vent, one way breather - BLUE (PB-P) 203381$15.00
14Replacement HUSKY 701 Tank o-ring - 0770050030 (SB) $3.75
15Replacement screws - set of 3 (misc part/ (R- J4)$12.50
16Replacement vent line fitting (misc part/ (R-J2)$13.00
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