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Who are we?

Nomad-ADV is a family company setup by Mike and Aad Schram, father and son (eh… no, make that son and father 🙂 Both have motorcycling in their blood and a lot of experience in motorcycling travelling. Mike may perhaps be a bit young to run a business, according to most of us, but don’t be mistaken about his ability. Mike has started an official circumnavigation of the world at just 16 years of age. 3.5 Years later he finished his record setting trip in 2016 at the tender age of 19. A new world record, officially recognized.
By the time he was just 19, he had already covered 120,000 km on his own Yamaha XT660R through some of the most inhospitable terrain in the world, as he didn’t take the easy route. He held his own in the insane traffic conditions of places like India, visited the most northern point you can ride to in the world, survived a venomous spider bite in his neck and a severe case of salmonella poisoning. He was hit hard from behind by another motorcyclist, but didn’t go down. He was hit head-on by a car in Kyrgyzstan, but didn’t go down (which was just as well as he would have gone down a ravine…) In Nomad-ADV Mike is the one who setup the website, handles most of the correspondence and made the design of the Husqvarna 701 Nomad-R.Aad has over 35 years of motorcycling and mechanical experience. He rode his Triumph Bonneville T100 around the world (together with Mike), including the road from hell in Kazakhstan, took it off-road in adventure riders’ paradise Kyrgyzstan as well as the Dalton Highway in Alaska. The 160,000 km Bonneville has broken 3 sets of shock absorbers (not just worn out but actually broken in half) due to the ‘roads’ taken. Aad loves classic bikes and honed his mechanical skills as a Station Mechanic in the Australian Outback. He’s the technical guy of Nomad-ADV, the one that builds your bike! Mike and Aad compliment each other well, the perfect team so to speak!
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  • Husqvarna 701 Adventure Navigation TowerToren_01_large

    Both Anodized and mill finish versions shown Kit includes: – Aluminium travel tower, complete with fasteners and mounting kit – 2 Brackets for mounting KTM 450RR screen – Ready to accept original 701 dashboard, control lights and ABS switch Baja Designs lights options  Not included in the basic kit: – KTM450RR Screen, (optional select from […]

  • Husqvarna 701 and KTM 690 Twin Air Foam Filter kitimg-8965_orig

      The best of both worlds: better filtration, easy to fit, inexpensive and replaceable elements! World famous in the motocross world, Twin Air has developed a new Air Filter solution for the Husqvarna 701 and KTM690. The new foam Air Filter is a direct replacement for the OEM paper filter. Years of knowhow in a competition environment […]

  • Husqvarna 701 Handlebar RisersDSC_0107_large

    Husqvarna 701 Handlebar risers The handlebar risers are machined from billet aluminium giving a 15mm rise (bolts included) PARTS WILL SHIP FROM THE USA. CHECK OUT OTHER NOMAD-ADV PRODUCTS INCLUDES PRIORITY SHIPPING IN THE USA  ! We ship internationally – see HERE for details. 701-RSR-15 Updated 8.4.17

  • Husqvarna 701Rear luggage rack – LargeRack

    Husqvarna 701 Large Rear luggage rack Husqvarna 701 Nomad Luggage rack A properly sized luggage rack for the Husqvarna 701. Designed for practicality and to carrying duffle bags. A proper overlander rack! We’ve designed this rack to carry the luggage weight as far forward as we could. Using ROK straps this means undoing two clips […]