CJ Designs is excited to announce the addition of Fox Hill Moto parts to our line up for 2018 !

Fox Hill Moto is designed to integrate flawlessly with your 2013 and up KTM twin adventure bikes it fits them all from 1190,1090,and 1290 adventure bikes from the more road oriented versions to the more serious off-road models in the Adventure R category.

-The skid plate is made of 3/16 or 5mm aluminum and it is then coated in either black or orange powder coat. But this skid plate kit is not only just a skid plate, it also has included in the kit a side stand relocate bracket that gets your kickstand off of the vulnerable engine case. The stock design leaves it bolted directly to the case, and if the kickstand is hit just right the engine case could crack and leak all of its oil out in the wilderness leaving you stranded. Just a slow tip over in the grocery store parking lot could snap off the stock kickstand. The cost of the repair could be as much as 8000.00 dollars for a new case.

-The sidestand relocate bracket along with all of the other mounting brackets are made entirely of 4130 chromolloy steel to insure structural integrity. All other hardware, including a set of magnets to disable the kickstand sensor is included. some of the parts from the stock kickstand are retained to insure geometric uniformity is achieved. This skid plate is designed to be an around the world kit that is overbuilt for the long haul.

-It is designed to protect the exhaust headers as well as the belly of the engine case from log and rock scrapes as well as anything else you may encounter on the trail

FH Phillips Skidplate Orange Pic


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