Hondo Garage


We started Hondo Garage because we wanted affordable filmmaking tools that fit in with our minimalist, outdoor-oriented mindset. While other folks were busy trying to make tiny cameras look bigger, we went the other way, distilling our support rigs down to just the necessities. We design and manufacture our products in a little workshop, right here in Bozeman, Montana. We’re the kind of people you can call up on the phone with questions. We love making this stuff and we love that people all over the planet are using our gizmos to tell awesome stories.

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  • Perfect Squeeze Phone Mountperfect-squeeze-3

    The Perfect Squeeze uses EPDM gripper posts with just the right amount of taper to lock your phone in place. And the clamping screw has a ball-detent so it won’t vibrate loose while you ride, no matter how buzzy your bars are. Low-Profile Bar Clamps Low-profile bar clamps get your phone as close to the […]