Envision Metalworks


“Envision Metalworks LLC was founded in early 2013 out of a need to design, manufacture, distribute and sell a line of products related to but not limited to adventure motorcycles.  Based out of Fond Du Lac, WI.  My experience in metalwork spans close 35 years.  Most of my fabrication work has been in the field of exhaust development for two-stroke expansion chambers along with four-stroke header systems and silencers.  Along with this I’ve held various positions with different companies doing some pretty cool stuff and learning a lot in the welding and fabrication worlds.

Along this same 35 year period I’ve also been part of an engineering design consulting company which gave me valuable experience in the design and mechanical engineering disciplines.

Because of my time in the mechanical engineering field I’ve grown accustomed to designing products right the first time.  Not only on paper but also making sure the product or part is tested thoroughly.  Testing reveals so much more than just reliability.  This lack of testing is what frustrates me about the current crop of aftermarket companies.  Not only are the products not reliable they don’t know how to use them.  Unfortunately testing takes time and money but in the long run it’s a superior product.

My relationship with CJ Designs began when I showed up one tech weekend on my 950 way back in 2009.  From the moment I met Craig I knew we were made from just about the same cloth.  From that point forward we’ve done a lot of riding (testing) together but we’ve also made some pretty unique and great products as Envision Metalworks has been the primary fabricated metal structure supplier to CJD.”

~David Gilbertson, Engineer Technician

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