Quick Disconnect fuel fittings – KTM- Billet

KTMquicktapCJD KTM style Billet Aluminum Quick Disconnects

These will fit any modern KTM that currently uses a petcock. This includes the Adventure. On some older bikes you may need to open up the hole in the tank slightly (31/64″).

The QD is not a petcock. It does not have an on/off valve. If you feel you need to shut off your fuel supply, simply press the disconnect button and both sides of the QD will close off the flow of fuel. To re-connect, just push the connector back into the receiver until it *clicks* into place.

These QD’s do not incorporate the factory tank screens, so you’ll need to use and in-line fuel filter… which you should already be using anyhow.

The QD’s will be sold individualy for anyone looking to fit them on their single cylinder bike. So if you have an
Adventure, Duke, SM, SE, etc… you’ll need to order two QD’s.


BLACK color only.



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Quick disconnect - KTM
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1Quick disconnect - KTM - black - single #11-102 (G-I4)$89.95$85.00
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