Heidenau 18″

Tires in stock and ready to ship!

Same tires we use on our KTM 950 ADV.

We also offer a Custom grooved 150- 18″ rear K60 Scout.  FOR MORE INFO AND ORDER PAGE GO HERE !

YES, we stock them,

K60 scout rear – 140 SIZE (below)





























K74 rear (below)



























Instock NOW!  Don’t wait if you have a trip planned this summer,  these sell out fast.

heidenau 18" rear
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1K60 SCOUT - Rear 150/70-18" (KTM ADV) 182 K601507018 (TR-NN)$237.00$182.00
2K60 Scout - Rear 140/80-18" (KTM 950 SE/ 690 E) K601408018 (TR-NN)$204.00$156.00
3K74 -140/80-18" - DOT REAR Knobby 130.2 K741408018 (TR-NN)$169.00$130.00
4K74 -120/90-18" - DOT REAR Knobby 109 K741209018 (TR-NN)$142.00$109.00
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