Tuff Lites, Universial (Pair)

Tuff Lites,  (Pair)


KTM plugs attached.
Tuff Lites - KTM connectors

Tuff Lites, Universal and KTM plugs – If you like to ride trails and are tired of replacing turn signals but still want to run something that is highly visible to a car behind you, problem solved with our product. We are certain this will be the last set of turn signals you will ever have to buy for your bike. Universal option is shipped with 22ga wires, easy to use with the connectors of your choice.

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Don’t forget to order an LED flasher relay if your bike has standard incandescent flashers.

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Tuff Lites, led blinkers (Pair)
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1Tuff Lites, Universal (Pair) L002 (R-H5)$70.00$65.00
2Tuff Lites, KTM PLUGS (Pair)SKU L001$75.00
3Replacement Lens - (Pair) SKU P001 $10.00
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