EBC Brakes

EBC brakes are used by race winners and motorcyclists worldwide. Started out of a van in 1978, EBC Brakes is now a world-class manufacturer with a staff of 400, offering the world’s largest selection of braking products. EBC brake pads and rotors are monitored and tested extensively before passing EBC’s stringent quality standards, and EBC uses about a dozen motorcycles in its test fleet.

EBC brake pads are made from a range of either organic or sintered pad materials EBC Brakes created sintered motorcycle brake pads, which became a revolution in high-performance motorcycle brakes and won the Motorcycle News Product of the Year award. EBC brake pads feature chamfered edges for reduced tip-drag, slots for improved heat-expansion performance, shims for reduced brake noise, and audible wear indicators.

EBC motorcycle brake rotors reduce braking and brake temperature to increase performance. EBC clutches are cast from premium organic materials. Get yourself some new aftermarket EBC brakes from Motorcycle Superstore and outfit your ride with durable, reliable braking power.

Order your KTM 950/990 EBC brake pads sets online now.

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    Have you looked at your brakes lately? Are you leaving for a trip soon? If you are expecting dirt and mud, it’s a good idea to pack a spare set of rear pads. They can go fast when conditions get bad. EBC Break Pads are Made in the USA! These are the same pads we […]