CPR KTM 950 LC8 Air Filter – Rottweiler Intake system

The Rottweiler Intake system is a NEW Foam air filter system for your dirt bound Adventure Bike or Street Bike!

Born from the need for an induction system that utilizes a multi layer foam element on all sides of the filter, including the top, not just the sides, the “Rottweiler” intake system is the most cost efficient way to substantially increase the horsepower in your KTM Adventure 990, Super Duke, Super Duke R, 990 Super Enduro R, 990 Super Moto R, and any KTM using the venerable LC8 fuel injected engine. Initial Dyno runs show increases of 10% over stock even with the stock exhaust on our current 2008 Super Duke model.

Similar gains can be seen on any of the LC8 equipped KTM’s with a proper map. The rush of power compared to stock is night and day, you won’t believe the difference!

Better filtration than Paper and Cloth with more HP potential. They saw 10hp gain on a 990 Super Duke!

FILTERS IN STOCK NOW for 950 and 990 LC8, 950 SE and the 1190 RC8.

Rottweiler Filter Skins

Dramitically reduce filter service intervals with our pre filter skins. Available in standard 40 cell (red) or 60 cell (dark grey) for the more serious Adventurer. Multiple pre oiled units can be swapped out in minutes without removing the base filter and are cleaned much easier as well.

If you ride the Dirt, you should add the Foam Pre-filter.

SAS system will need to be removed.  Get your SAS plates HERE.

Jetting Kits can save you time and get you riding sooner.   Order your HERE.

Add a set of FLEX JETS for fast IMS adjustments:

Idle Mixture Fuel screw (IMS) adjustments can be a time consuming project. Once installed, R&D Flex-Jet2 makes tuning a simple and easy project. With the Flex-Jet2, Idle Mixture adjustments are now at your fingertips! If you ride from your garage elevation up or down, across a pass or out to your favorite place to ride that is 3-4k feet different, proper tuning is now quick and easy!

If your bike already has the crank breather vent line running outside the air box or you want to run it separate from the air cleaner base plate hook up,  ORDER the Special filter and the UNI vent to make your install easier and faster.




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Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1CPR KTM LC8 950 ADV Air Filter #RIS-950$299.99$279.99
3KTM 950 LC8 FLEX JETS # Flexjet950- SET (Y-C1)$105.00$99.00
4UNI CRANK VENT for KTM, #149857 (PB-SM)$16.25$15.00
5CPR Pre-filter GREY #RIS-PRE-60$35.00$31.00
6CPR Pre-filter RED #RIS-PRE-40$35.00$31.00
7CPR CC-BLANK-A Crankcase blanking kit for all 950/990 Rott Intakes $20.00$19.00
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