EFI Purge Modules


How and Why Purge Units Work

Once the purge unit is fitted with the bike running, the unit is switched so that the fuel pump is running as usual with normal operation.  However, these units come into play AFTER the bike has been switched off.  There is a short delay, and then the unit powers the fuel pump, reversing polarity, to run the fuel pump backwards.  This not only blows out the fuel filter, but blows off the screen to the bottom of the fuel pump which then settles in the bottom of the tank. 
Thus the purge units are designed to aid in the unblocking of fuel filters and screens, giving a rider better reliability with fuel and fuel filter changes, especially during remote adventure rides.
Install info Here:  www.efipurgemodule.com
We have a few test riders use them over the last few years and many thousands of miles.  Reports back have said there filters are still looking in great shape, when they would be dark by now.  They are still in there bike now.
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1EFI - Purge KTM 990 ADV (Y-A2)$300.00$265.00
2EFI - Purge KTM 1190 ADV (Y-A1)$290.00$275.00
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