Spark Plug Wrench – ’03-’08 KTM LC8, 16MM Hex

Having a spark plug socket on your bike during trips can save you from a long walk.  Why KTM does not supply one anymore is beyond me. You can purchase one from them but it’s $70! Why so expensive….who knows?  I ordered one in hopes it would be the 3 piece set they use to supply the pre-06  bikes, but no luck.  It’s a 1/2″ drive socket that is not practical for trail use. Who wants to carry along a huge 1/2″ ratchet?

I have cleaned up the design so that you can utilize your stock tools on the trail, yet still use a torque wrench to precisely install them at your service interval in the shop.

My socket is turned down to stay straight in the plug bore and not cause any binding or stuck situations.

This works for any KTM model that requires a sparkplug with a 16MM Hex.

Please cross reference your spark plugs and check the spec to match up.

If your KTM requiress spark plugs with the 14MM Hex see HERE


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spark plug wrench 03-08 , 16MM Hex
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