CJ Designs KTM LC8 Water Pump Complete Kit – with Cover Gasket


– CJ Designs “Super Shaft”  water pump kits use the CJD designed, hardened and coated shafts and replace the soft, failure prone oem shaft. 
– CJD offers a 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty on the shaft to the original purchaser. If it fails, CJD will replace the shaft to the original purchaser for FREE. Will anyone else do that?? 
– These shafts have been tested in CJ’s bike for over 60,000 miles w/o failure and there are hundreds in use around the world.

Shafts are laser marked so you know you have the CJD shaft and not an imposter.


You may also need a new Graphite Collector gasket depending on how long it’s been.  Over time these get cooked and when the right side header is removed, often they are not able to be reused. We have these listed below and in stock to make sure you have all the needed parts.

You’ll need a NEW oil filter when you do this rebuild- We have them in stock and listed below.

Do you want CJ Designs to install your new kit for you?

We can do that. Please send in your engine case, prepaid, CLEANED, and we will send back a ready to install case just as we would install in our bikes.
LABOR COST $85 (plus parts). Please email before you send your case in.  Look at our events page for dates when the shop is closed and no work can be offered. Turn around time is 1-2 days when I am in the shop. Your case will be sent back 2-3 day USPS unless faster service is requested.

Have you destroyed your case while trying to install this kit?

Don’t worry, you’re not the first. CJ Designs now STOCKS NEW cases and can get you going again FAST (Case and Parts Installed). Once and awhile we also have USED cases in stock. Email or Call for help.

To register for the warranty you need to send a digital picture of your odometer and vin# from your bike to craig@cjdesignsllc.com and put “water pump warranty” in the subject line.  It will be kept on file to verify.  You should also keep this info with your bike records.

Install to KTM directions.  Warranty will not cover OEM KTM parts or improperly installed parts.  Seals should always be lubed when installed over the new shaft. This is limited to 3 shafts to original customer during the warranty period.  All part claims must be sent in for CJ Designs to examine first.   Upon request, New shaft will be shipped first with payment,  Refund will be sent if part failure is determined to be a CJ Designs issue.  

We have KTM factory Service CDs for sale if you don’t have this information handy.   Save the shop fees and learn to survice your bike yourself.   

USA models
Short Shaft = LC8 ADV ’03-’08,  LC8 950 SE ’07-’09, LC8 990 Super Duke ’07-’08

Long Shaft = LC8 ’09-Up

NOT SURE OF YOUR YEAR-  Please check your micro fiche for the WATER PUMP WHEEL listed for your bike.   If your 03-08′ bike has been worked on by a previous owner, please make sure they have not upgraded to the newer LONG shaft housing before ordering Short shaft kits.  It is best to inspect the Impellor and match KTM part number below.

SHORT  kit uses PN 60035055100

LONG  kit uses PN 61235055000

3YR/36,000 MILE Limited Warranty on the shaft to original purchaser.

Note: The large side cover gasket and water pump impeller are included in this Complete kit but are not shown in the picture.

Order your Basic KTM LC8 Water Pump Kit – HERE

Don’t forget to change your oil filter when servicing your water pump! You can save by ordering from us by following this  link : SAVE HERE!





6003000114423 – ktm case cover

ss ver 2 ( 2.8.17 )

Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1KTM LC8 Water Pump Complete Kit - Short with Cover Gasket (Y-B3, Y-O)$160.00
2KTM LC8 Water Pump Complete Kit - Long with Cover Gasket (Y-B5, Y-O)$160.00
3Shop Labor to Install WP kit on your Engine CASE$85.00
4NEW KTM clutch case BARE, no WP kit installed -6003000114423 - (GS2) INCLUDES SHIPPING IN USA $15.00$190.00
5Used KTM clutch case BARE - no WP kit installed - NOT IN STOCK AT THIS TIME$125.00
6KTM Header pipe Graphite Collector Gasket (each) 60005005001 - (B-G4)$14.00
7KTM updated 09+ waterpump housing - 6003515210023 (GS2)$50.99$46.00