Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit for KTM 990/1090/1190/1290 Adventure / SD

CJD-CFPRK-990 ( Complete kit pictured ).

CJD-TORK-990 ( Fuel Tank Orings ONLY =2 large O-rings pictured)

The fuel filter on your KTM 990/1090/1190/1290 Adventure / SD needs to be serviced on a regular interval because it can get clogged with any dirt or debris that ends up in your tank or even a bad tank of gas can cause problems.

The KTM filter kit is $148.00 and the KTM fuel pump/Tank o-ring sealing kit is $46.00.  Our kit is $165.00 for the filter and o-rings as a complete kit.  Save some money and get a kit that will give you peace of mind on that next long trip.

Pack one with you just to be safe.  It’s a small kit that fits in your hand and packs great under the seat.  Every 990/1190/1290 should have one of these on board.   – We have not found a dealer on the road that stocks these, leaving you stranded for 3-5 days.  Not Good.

Ride more Worry Less.


07-14 KTM 990 ADV

07-08 KTM 990 SD

KTM 1190

KTM 1290









Fuel Pump Filter Rebuild Kit 990/1190/1290
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1Fuel Filter Pump Rebuild kit 990 ADV KTM -61007090100 (B-L1)$148.00$140.00
2Complete Fuel Filter Pump Rebuild kit with O-Rings -CJD-CFPRK-990 (B-L3)$165.00$160.00
3990/1190/1290 Fuel Tank O-rings Kit only -CJD-TORK-990 (B-L2)$25.00
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