Axle Pusher 950/990 ADV (30 MM) – Orange Anodized

AP-O-950-30This FRONT Axle Pusher fits most 950/990 KTM front axles: Adventure, Super Moto, Super Duke.  (does not fit 950 Super Enduro or KTM full size dirt bikes).  See the 26 mm version.

This small addition to your tool kit can help save time and expensive damage to you stock front axle.


Don’t grab that hammer and punch first!!

Some pullers can make your axle oval when tightened up.  This makes the axle harder to remove.

  • Remove your front axle bolt.
  • Thread this axle pusher into your FRONT axle and use the 10mm socket and t-handle to tap the axle out with no damage and no frustration!
  • This stay in the axle so it’s not lost and always handy.


In your stock KTM LC8 tool kit you should have a 10mm socket, the same one used to loosen the fork leg end clamping the axle.  Use this to thread it into the axle.  Thread it in until is fully seats at the bottom of the threads.

Push or tap on the end of your “T” handle with your hand, small rock, NO hammer should be required.

This will save the axle threads from any damage caused by a punch.

When you reinstall the axle, add some grease or a small amount of engine oil off your dipstick if on the trail.

Available in Orange Anodized.  MADE IN THE USA


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