Axle Pusher 950 SE (26 MM)

26 mm size fits the FRONT axle of the Super Enduro and all KTM full size dirt bikes since 2004.





This little addition to your tool kit can save you time and expensive damage to your front axle.  Don’t grab a hammer and punch to drive your axle out – you can damage the threads and mar the surface.

  • Remove your front axle bolt.
  • Thread this axle pusher into your FRONT axle and use the 10mm socket and t-handle to tap the axle out with no damage and no frustration!
  • This stay in the axle so it’s not lost and always handy.

Anodized orange so you can see it inside the axle.  MADE IN THE USA

CJD-AP-26 Orange 26mm

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1 Axle Pusher 26mm (G-E3)$26.00
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