Axle Adjuster Blocks



KTM LC8 950SE-950/990 ADV – 690 Enduro/ Duke – 10910/1190/1290 ADV  – Husky 701 Enduro

* Billet CNC machined blocks with fine adjuster marks  * Sold as a pair (left and right side) – Orange or Black Why do you need these? Look at the second picture that shows the stock adjuster block alongside the CJ Designs block. The stock ones can crack and leave you with no way to get your proper chain tension! Eliminate a possible problem before you’re stranded hundreds or even thousands of miles from home. NOT Good.  Cracked OEM on left,  Billet CJ Designs on right. cracked block         MADE IN THE USA! TO INSTALL: Heat and remove threaded on  OEM cast Axle Block.  The heat releases the Lock Tite.    The block should come off with a twist.  IT WILL BE HOT!    Hold axle tube in vise with soft jaws.   Let axle cool.    Thread on CJD Billet Axle Block with red locktite.   Opposite spacer replaces OEM cast one.   If you would like these installed for you.  Please send your axle in and I can install them.  Install option is listed below.

Not sure if this fits your bike?  Check your bikes micro fiche to match up your spacer block with KTM # 6001008400


CJD-RABS-O  Orange

CJD KTM rear axle blocks
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1BK- Black (G-E2)$85.00$75.00
2O- Orange (G-E1)$85.00$75.00
3Install labor$20.00
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