I installed my oil change drain hose a few weeks ago and I really think it is one of the best upgrades that you can do to a 9*0. I am really looking forward to an oil change now, really. The only drawback I can see so far is that instead of a 2-3 beer oil change it will be 1 beer.
Thanks Craig.
Kent B

Hi Craig, just wanted to drop you a note about how cool that clutch cover looks. Started the Rekluse install on Friday, and come to find out, they put the wrong size pressure plate in the kit. However a quick call to the folks at Rekluse and they immediately shipped out the correct one next day air so I got the install done on Saturday. They were very apologetic and admitted that this had happened with some kits, but they thought that they went though the stock and corrected them. Very easy folks to deal with, very accommodating. It was pretty darned funny though. I was scratching my head for hours trying to get the wrong pressure plate to fit, convinced that I had screwed something up along the way 🙂 Anyway, with the correct part the install was a breeze, did the break in, then did an oil change. The Rekluse is awesome, just awesome. However, the bling of your clutch cover is better than the clutch itself 🙂 You should have heard the comments I already got on that cover: “awesome!” “a work of art.” “wow, I want one!” “man, that is beautiful!” so you should be stoked about that. Anyway, thanks again for shipping the stuff out to me quickly so I was able to use my buddy’s shop to do the install. I leave for Baja next week 🙂 Will post some pics of your artwork being “Baja tested” in the vendors section when I return. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. All the best to you for 2009.

thanks, Vin

Hi Craig,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the cover this morning! To say that it’s fantastic would be an understatement! I’m really impressed, can’t wait to put it on the bike this afternoon! Thanks again for your great product and service.

The cover is on the bike. It’s out of this world! I found myself walking to my garage for the third time just to see it again on my adv.! If the weather gets any better sooner than later, I’ll make it a bit muddier as well! I will also recommend your product to a couple of Greek KTM forums.”

Many thanks,


Hi Craig,

I wanted to let you know that I got the extension cable for the sidestand relocation kit on Saturday – I can’t believe you got it to me that fast!  Everything fit and worked perfectly, and I feel much better now that my sidestand is off of my engine case.

Thanks for the great product and the super-fast service!