Events 2012

On our Events page, you will be able to pinpoint our location throughout the year. So, if you cannot get a hold of us, now you know why.


4-16: CJ Designs Closed
We’re off to Canada to visit fellow riders and join in on their ride. We’ll be riding with the  Roaming Rally June 7th through the 10th. Hope to meet you along the way.

21-24: Intro to Motorcycle Camping Trip
Paid workshop ride with 6-12 riders @ $150 to $250 per rider. A larger group size will reduce the price.

You’ll Learn

  • Packing skills – what and how much to pack.
  • Camp food cooking options.
  • Riding trail with camping gear.
  • Choosing tent and camping gear that works for you.

Get more information about this event and register!


25:Pre-Tech Rider Workshop
Riders can show up on Wednesday, July, 25 after 3p for the Tech & Rider workshop if you’re interested in camping over.
26-29: CJ Designs 6th Tech and Rider workshop weekend!
Big bike Style! We’ll have free camping on site all nights. There is also a Hotel in town (about 5 miles away).

We’ll do our best to offer tips and info on what you want to learn. If you plan to come, let us know what you want to see and do. This event is geared around you. As people get signed up and requests come in, we’ll update the schedule. Every year is different and new. We will try and offer a variety of project “seminars”. We wish we had enough time and tools to go over every part of the bike with you for your own project, but since you need to get your bike home, we’ve limited the amount of bikes being torn apart “just in case” something un-expected happens. Basically, we’re no longer doing 10 valve checks at these events. We’ll do one or two on participants bikes, as demonstrations. We’ll help you work on your bike so you and others can learn. If you want to see the valve checks you’ll need to have your bike here Wednesday night (June 25th) so we can start Thursday morning at 9am. Your first time checking valves can take several hours, this job should not be rushed and the bike needs to be cold.

Our Agenda:
June 25 Camp over
June 26 & 27 Tech workshop
June 28 & 29 Rider workshop

A $50 donation to help cover food and supply costs is appreciated, but not required. We will not to turn away those who can’t or don’t want to chip in.

This is not a Rally, just a fun group of like minded riders hanging out. If you like bikes, you’ll fit right in. All makes welcome. However, loud bikes will not be allowed. We do have neighbors.

We have supplied breakfast, lunch and dinner in years past. Cooking out nights as the weather allows.

Limit of 20 riders due to limited space at our location. However, more can come and watch. We’ve had about 30 in years past. We want to make sure each person coming gets the most out of it. It’s a great time to kick back, meet new people and gain some new riding skills.

This event is geared towards the KTM 950/990 bikes, but many tips can be used for any bike. Big bike training is geared to help you feel more comfortable on your bike off road. Bring protective gear required for slow speed tip overs. They do happen from time to time.


Contact us to sign up for the Tech weekend! When you do, please include the following information:

  • Contact info:  phone number, email address,  city/state you are traveling from
  • Bike info
  • What tech stuff you would like to see covered
  • Camping / Hotel
  • Days you plans to attend
  • Riding experience.  Just let us know if you’ve been on gravel. Will you have nobbies on the bike? Do you want to have nobbies installed here at the event?  What was your last off road ride like?

No activities are set in stone, but we do our best to update as needed. Feel free to contact us with questions. We can have most parts here ready for install or pickup if we have enough heads up.

Check out the list of attendees and the city and state they’re riding in from below. Often we’ll get people from similar areas that could meet up and ride in together. Always great to meet local riders in your area.

We have already begun to form a Tech Demonstration list based off what is wanted and who is coming.


3-5: WI Guzzi Rally.  Sign up here

3-12: Central ADV Rider Rally  Eagle River WI. Sign up here:

We might plan a Camping TWAT ride similar the Spring ride but Camping and we’ll end up at the Rally. This will happen only if we get a group together. I’m looking for 6-8 riders. We would leave Monday, August 6th from Mukwonago, Wisconsin


1-21: CJ Designs Closed

We are riding out to the KTM National Rally in Bend, OR. (14-16th) Sign up online.
We’ll find some dirt along the way and some great places to set up a tent. See you there!


 28th Leaf River DS ride – Leaf River, IL.


CJ Designs will be CLOSED  Nov 13-17   and   Nov 22-23


 CJ Designs will be CLOSED  Dec  20- Jan 2.   Happy Holidays!