Cj Designs – Oil Drain Hose Kit

If you put a lot of miles on your KTM ADV during the year, saving time when its oil changing time means more time riding.

This Kit replaces the front tank drain bolt with a braided line and plug that allows you to speed up the service and make it a lot less messy.

At the next oil change you can easily install this kit. Remove the bottom tank support bracket, after a modification to the tank bracket the hose fitting will now clear. Do this once and be ready for much faster and easier oil changes.

Now just drop the skid plate. Pull the Engine sump plug and new oil drain hose plug, and let drain. Swap and clean filters and re-install plugs.

The Standard hose kit has dark blue tank and plug fittings with black hose fittings. This use braided stainless steel hose with a plastic cover so that it won’t damage anything it rubs on.

Included is a paper template so you know how much to remove from the tank bracket. Remove 2 tank bolts, and 2 bracket mounting bolts. Install tank fitting, then hose. Fit template over corner of bracket and trace on red line. Trim that area away and reinstall bracket. Zip tie up out of the way with included zip tie.

$85 for hose kit and template. Custom orange and black fittings, or All black Fitting options.

Options BELOW are ONLY at CJ Designs
If you don’t want to do the work and modify the bracket yourself. CJ Designs can do it for you.

Labor is $50, plus $75 refundable core charge. I’ll send you bracket ready to install and a hose kit. Send back your clean bracket with in one week to get full refund back.

Do you want to keep your stock bracket and just get a new bracket, ready to install with a hose kit. No problem. I have those too.

This kit is $200 for the Std version or $210 for the orange and black version.

Don’t forget to add an new oil filter. K&N in stock. $8.50 each or 2 for $15.00

Zip tie included to attach to return lines  under engine. Safe and secure.


  1. Todd Rigby says:

    Just curious if this will work on the KTM 1190 Adventure R?

    • Hi Todd,

      At this time we have not tried it out, but I’m pretty sure our current option would need some changes to work on the 1190. What issues are you having with the oil changes on the 1190? I ask, b/c I have not done a service on an 1190 yet. Seeing as how the 1190 has a more standard oil change system, I’m not sure it will be needed. We are working on a modular skidplate that will allow full access to all service areas. Your input is appreciated.

  2. I really need this kit but I ride a 950 superenduro and hose are shorter,,, let me know please the solution.

    • Hi Alex.
      We don’t see a need for this product to be used on the KTM 950 SE b/c the dry sump design is different than the KTM 950/990 ADV. Please email us pics or more info in order for us to help you. CJ

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