AWD Bikes built by CJ Designs

CJ Designs & Rev Motorsports is now your Wisconsin Christini AWD Bike dealer!

It’s finally done after a year of work at the CJ Designs shop!

Now comes the fun part……testing.

This was ready for it’s first test trip on Sept 30th 2010.   Wayne and I headed out on a 1000 mile “TEST” loop to workall the bugs out.

Report can be found here.

So after all the bike went through on this trip, we got home late on Sun, Oct 3rd. My plans were to leave for the KTM National in Moab Utah on Fri, Oct 8th. No Problem!?

I only had to……

  1. Rip the bike apart for inspection.
  2. Fix the issues I had.
  3. Build a gas tank to match the other side. (That holds gas!!!)
  4. Mount up my Aux Rigid LED lighting.
  5. Rebuild the bike.
  6. Take a few mile test ride to make sure everything was ok before heading out for a 4,000 mile loop.
  7. Get packed.

What should I be worried about ?????

A special thanks goes out to Steve at Christini Technologies.  He allowed me to purchase a KTM kit and work out the frame details on my own to fit this in my Home-made 950 Adventure.

Thanks Steve for all the help.

Follow us to Moab!

CJ Designs in on Outrider Journal.

Read how this bike was built!


  1. Any plans … by Christini or CJDesigns … to produce and sell a KTM 990/1190 version of the AWD bike? Matched with Bosch’s new brake system, the utility and safety factors would be huge. Besides, it would be fun as heck to ride.

    • At this time neither of us offer a factory version for the big bikes. I feel the HP limit of the system for long term life, that the Adventure crowd would require, is very close to the limit for what is currently supplied. I continue to test and work towards a long term version 2 for my 950 SE and 990 ADV models. Maybe 2014 or 2015.

      Trying to put 150hp (1190Adv) through this AWD system would be too much at this time. I agree that these larger bikes would have huge gains by adding this system and I hope in the future as time and R&D funds allow, I can get back to making more of these bikes. If you are interested in sending an 1190 over for us to start cutting up, I would be interested. 🙂

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