Wolfman Luggage

Wolfman Luggage

Wolfman Luggage is in stock ready to ship.  Get ready for the travel season w/ some new waterproof luggage.

Many dealers may stock Wolfman Gear, only a few really use it in there everyday travels and trail use.  We are a dealer that trusts the high quality of this gear in the best and WORST riding conditions.

We stock tank bags, tail bags, and saddle bags.  If there are other items you’re interested in let me know, I can get everything else too. More product pictures and info coming soon. All CJD racks are compatible and work great w/ Wolfman luggage.

For ordering see our list of Wolfman Products below ( scroll down ).

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Contact us directly for pricing and information on Wolfman Luggage.

Bikes and gear during our travels.

When it rains for 4 days straight on a 1,200 mile ride and your riding trails like this.  Great gear is a must.

Chase Harper w/ Garbage bags....Still wet
Chase Harper w/ Garbage bags….Still wet
Wolfman Exp duffle. Bone dry. :)
Wolfman Exp duffle.  Bone dry. 🙂
Exp Dry duffle- tail.   Explorer lite- tank bag.
We don’t take out gear lightly.  It has to be good.
Oops……  Even Crash tested.
Your gear can be the difference between an awesome day and a day you’d rather have stayed at home. Contact us to help you have a great ride.
We don’t take out gear lightly.  It has to be good.
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  • Enduro Carry All 12m0703_enduro_carry-all_a_large

    Enduro Carry All 12 The Enduro Carry-All ’12 fits on the number plate, over the headlight on virtually all Enduro Bikes. It is a great alternative to a tank bag, especially for bikes with peaked tanks. Light items like cell phones, compact cameras, wallet, keys and extra gloves are easily accessed by the rider, yet […]

  • Enduro Pocketm0304_enduro_pocket_a_large

    Enduro Pocket Small is the new Big? The Enduro Pocket is a tiny and effective tank bag. Perfect for keeping your wallet, phone and mini-camera handy while you ride. The idea was born when the Wolfman was riding his dirt bike in scenic places, but not bothering to take his camera out of his hydration […]

  • Enduro Tool Bagm0103_enduro_tool_bag_a_large

    Enduro Tool Bag This 2-liter bag mounts on the rear fender with a bolt-on plastic plate that stabilizes the bag with hook-and-loop fabric. Compression straps and sturdy construction further add stability. The bag itself is easily removed so you can carry your tools right to the job. Includes mounting base designed to be hard-mounted — […]

  • Monarch Pass Bags – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    Last set in stock, no longer produced. Act fast Monarch Pass Saddle Bags

  • Wolfman Beta Plus Rear Bagmk201_beta_plus_rear_bag_a_large

    Beta Plus Rear Bag The Beta Plus adds capacity to the standard duffel shape by adding “legs” on either side of the seat. The bag hugs the bike via the seat channel, yet stays clear of the exhaust (on most bikes). A solid mount comes from three quick release straps, one around the rear of […]

  • Wolfman Blackhawk Tank Bagm0305_blackhawk-tank-bag_a_large

    The Blackhawk Tank Bag fits our line between the compact Enduro Tank Bag and the Explorer Lite. 8-liter capacity and trim lines give it great clearance for off-road riding. The Curved base contours snugly to most sloped tanks. The foam structure gives the Blackhawk “Soft-Rigidity”, allowing the bag to flex. The new Map/Clear Pocket is […]

  • Wolfman Boulder Beta Rear BagOn Sale130805wolfbouldr9664-M

    The Boulder Beta Rear Bag is latest step in the evolution of our Duffel-Bag-with-Legs. Go further with extra capacity and extra stability. Now with waterproof liners. Over ten years of evolution rest behind the new Boulder Beta Rear Bag. Our original Duffel-Bag-with-Legs has evolved and improved over the years, and is now even more versatile, […]

  • Wolfman E-12 Saddle Bagsm0512_e12_saddle_bags_a_73d7bc0f-f266-4d9d-bbf5-42373f2f6bda_large

    sold in pairs The E-12 Saddle Bags strike a balance between carrying capacity, rider mobility and convenience. Ideal for Enduro Touring, they hold a surprisingly generous load without the need for a rack. The highly adjustable mounts are able to fit virtually all Enduro/Dual Sport motorcycles. And the compact design does not hinder the rider. […]

  • Wolfman Enduro Daytripper Saddle BagsS0515_Daytripper_Saddle_Bags_a_large

    sold in pairs Think of our newly refined Day Tripper Saddlebags as a daypack for your bike. The 2017 Day Tripper Saddle Bags are minimalist saddle bags that work without a rack. Best for day trips and light packers, these allow riders a chance to move weight off the body and onto the bike. Highly […]

  • Wolfman Enduro Fender Bagm0403_enduro_fender_bag_a_large

    Enduro Fender Bag The Enduro Fender Bag was designed to carry spare tubes on the front fender. 1″ webbing, steel gutter hooks and ballistic nylon construction make a stable, durable bag that stays put. Tested on the grueling Colorado 500! Note: Many front fenders are only durable enough to carry the weight of a tube […]