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Warp 9 is a young and rapidly growing company addressing the needs of offroad riders looking for high quality but also affordable Rim and Wheel assemblies. Don’t let there price’s fool you, they only use the highest grade Stainless steels and aluminum available. As riders we have seen that the current trend of offroad wheels is that they are priced too high for the Working class guy and also do not come complete, adding to the additional cost and frustration. As riders they decided to do something about it and Warp 9 was born. Please look to our page often as new and exciting products emerge all the time and as our current projects are unveiled. Located in Salt Lake City, UT.


The new Warp 9 rotors showed up today.
Well, that’s an amazing difference.  My original rotors were down to 4.5mm in places, so totally junk.  The Warp 9 rotors stop the bike so fast that I have trouble keeping up with it.  Really nice.    Brad H.

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  • KTM 990/950 ADV rotors – Front 300mmOn SaleA89-492B KTM LC8 FRONT

    If you are installing these on a KTM 950 SE (left side), you want part number – A89-492B If you are installing these on a KTM 950 ADV or 990 ADV with OR without ABS, you want 2x part number A89-492B ( The same rotor p# A89-492B now works on BOTH ABS and NON ABS bikes)  […]

  • KTM 990/950 ADV-SE rotor – Rear 240mmOn SaleA89-495 KTM LC8 REAR

    -495A89-495 240mm KTM 950/990 adventure floating rear – 2003-2015, with and with out ABS. (these will also fit 950 SE) · Warp 9’s High performance Floating Rotors are designed for the ultimate in brake performance · 410 Stainless with full cross hatch cut for superior even braking · Stainless steel float pins · Stainless steel […]

  • KTM 990/950 SD/SM/SMR rotor – Rear 240mmOn Sale

    IN STOCK NOW! (These will be a limited run)   These are a solid disc to take all your harsh on-road abuse. A89-450 This will complement the complete CJD rotor kit on our 17″ wheel kits. – bolts not included but available below.  (5 required for this rotor)    61009062018

  • Warp 9 Fork Air BleedersOrange Bleeders

    Thread size M4xP0.7 Air Bleeders release the air in your forks with a simple push the button. Your forks should be bled after every ride for better fork performance and longer seal life. Black Anodized Push Button Stainless Steel body w/ o-ring (won’t break off like aluminum bodied units) Dual air release holes for faster […]