Tereflex REAR 140/80-18″ and 140/90-17″

These are what we run on our KTM 950 ADV and 950 SE.     When the terrain gets challenging, nothing else hooks up as well as the Tereflex.

These are a DOT tire, but we Rate them as a 99% Offroad-  1% Onroad tire.

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  • Super deep knobs, more bite and longer wear
  • “Cantilevered” rim guard sidewall engineered to provide increased deflection & bite
  • Extra thick knobs allow recutting of worn and rounded edges without losing knob stability. Maintains maximum bite for the life of the tire
  • Double edge taper, wide base, self-cleaning knobs, will not clog even in gumbo mud
  • “Reversed Angle” leading edge of intermediate knobs, directs side thrust towards the inside when the bike is leaning into a turnRacing tread rubber compounded for extreme traction

We find that to work well on 950 + cc bikes, try 8-15 psi.

We find that to work well on 600 – 950 cc bikes, try 3-8 psi.


teraflex rear tire
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