Rims and Spoke Kits

Here you will find the rims and Spoke kits we run on our KTM 950/990 ADV bikes.

With these parts any shop can relace your OEM hub to a strong, long lasting 1.6″ front wheel.

Please note:  Some may be confused when they get the Buchanan Spoke kits in hand because there will be 2 sets of different length spokes ( 18 each for a total of 36 spokes ).
 These get laced in X2 X3 pattern, that is why one length is longer than the other.
This is what’s required if you have the OEM Euro hub and trying to lace on a Japanese Moto rim.

Moose Racing -Black 1.6″x 21″ – 02100118



Buchanan Spokes and Nipples




rim and spoke kit
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1Excel Rim 1.6" wide FRONT 21" 090-ICK608 - TR-G$199.00$187.00
2DID Dirt Star "Strong" Rim 1.6" FRONT 21" DIDST21BM- TR-G$199.00$187.00
3Buchanan HD Stainless Spokes and nipples for 21" MX style rim - BSNKTM1.6x21 (R-G8)$150.00$145.00
4Warp 9 Standard Spoke Wrench 6.8mm tip, hollow aluminum handle FCT-106$28.95$27.00
5Moose Racing Rim- black - 1.6" wide FRONT 21" - 02100118 - TR-G$105.00$99.00
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