Remus 950/990 Adventure Roxx 2into1 Slip-On

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Roxx Titanium Silencer and 2-1 Pipe For KTM 950/990 Adventure (complete 2-1 system)


The REMUS RoxX was especially designed for hardcore off road competition. During the development process, the silencer went through many test phases and put through different racing conditions to guarantee performance and durability under toughest conditions.

The inlet cap of the REMUS RoxX is similar to the Okami and is made of stainless steel, manufactured using a sophisticated hydro forming process. The outlet cap is made of an impact resistant Polyamide fibre compound. REMUS offers the brand new RoxX with titanium as well as a stainless steel sleeve.

Highest priority for the REMUS research & development team was to develop a sport silencer which fulfils the noise limits for off-road competitions but also to provide performance and torque increase compared to the original exhaust system. Furthermore, durability under extreme conditions is an important factor for the REMUS technicians.

The stainless steel version of the REMUS RoxX will be less than 2 kilos. The lightweight titanium construction silencer which is notably lighter will turn the REMUS RoxX into a top level competition silencer. Due to the removable sound insert, the REMUS RoxX offers the possibility to conform to the strong noise reduction regulations and the option to use the silencer as an EC approved street version.



Add a Left side Expediton Tool Box or Liquid Storage tank.   SAVE MORE WHEN ORDERED TOGETHER!

 This does not fit Jessie luggage systems.


Remus RoxX ADV 2-1
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1950/990_Adventure_RoxX_2into1_#99883150054/#0103657011 Slip_On_- TITANIUM$839.00
2Remus 2-1 RoxX ADV w/ CJD ESB bare - SAVE $81$1,100.45
3Remus 2-1 RoxX ADV w/ CJD LST bare - SAVE $76$1,331.00
4Add Black powder coat - SAVE $50$50.00
5Add Grey powder coat - SAVE $50$50.00
6optional spark arrestor RoxX - sold each$44.00