Remus 950/990 Adventure and SE Revolution Bolt On



Twin Silencers and Single Silencers:   These are the same silencers we run on our bikes and they hold up very well as a 2-1  silencer.  Remus stands behind their product.

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These kits are not heavily stocked in the USA.  Please contact us if you are in a hurry so we can see what your options are and delivery time would be.  We can also special order them from Remus Austria.  Once ordered, expect 3-4 weeks delivery time.

Remus- revo
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1950/990_Adventure_Revolution_Bolt_On_#3882656503L+R - TITANIUM$999.00$975.00
2950/990_Adventure_Revolution_Bolt_On_#3482656503L+R - CARBON$895.00
3950/990_Adventure_Revolution_Bolt_On_#3182656503L+R - ALUMINUM$795.00
4950/990_Adventure_Revolution_Bolt_On_#3882 656503 R - TITANIUM - SINGLE$499.50$475.00
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