Rekluse KTM EXP 950/990 ADV, SE, SMT

Faster Cornering

Improved Traction

Virtually Eliminates Stalling

Better Starts

Faster Lap Times

Fully Tunable to Rider Preference & Terrain Conditions















We run these in our Race, Trail and Touring bikes.  Try one for yourself.    If you ride Dirt, this will be your secret weapon!

The NEW Rekluse Adventure kit RMS-6381 fits the following models / years :

KTM 950 2003-2006

KTM 990 2007-2014


This EXP is a direct replacement for the RMS-6131 and comes with an adjustable slave cylinder in addition to the EXP assembly.


Adventure EXP™ affords the ability to EXPerience even more when taking your adventures through the back-roads. The auto-clutch will allow a rider to focus solely on throttle control without worrying about an engine stall. The clutch lever is still retained for normal use at any point in time and the transmission must still be shifted manually.


  • – Prevents clutch related engine stalls
  • – Better low speed maneuverability
  • – Focus more on the scenery instead of the tough terrain
  • – Utilizes Rekluse TorqDrive™ thin friction clutch pack for superior performance and durability

We match this up with the Oberon Billet Clutch slave spacer/backer for a bullet proof setup. – options listed below.

(oberon slave cylinder will NOT work with the Rekluse EXP kit)

Clutch kits are IN STOCK!  Order now to get one for your next ride.

Need to upgrade your Failed KTM slave unit and thinking about upgrading to the EXP in the future.  Order the SLAVE KIT ONLY now.  You can upgrade to the EXP KIT ONLY when you are ready.

*Are you looking for a REKLUSE EXP and a CJ Designs LC8 Billet CLUTCH cover (Titanium or Aluminum)  We have great combo prices listed below for you.   Email us your prefered build options. (body color and face design as it applies)

CJ Designs is your one stop shop when it comes to getting your LC8 setup with a Rekluse EXP system.

We also have replacement and upgrade parts.  See list of options below.

RMS-6381 is a direct replacement for the RMS-6131 Kit.




Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1REKLUSE ADV EXP AND SLAVE COMPLETE - RMS-6381- Include FREE Gift! ( BLK-13)$799.00$789.00
2REKLUSE ADV EXP KIT ONLY NO SLAVE UNIT - Upgrade for bikes with Rekluse slave installed$749.00
3COMPLETE EXP 3.0 BASE Assembly with all hardware ( please email for informaiton )
4Oberon Billet Clutch Slave Spacer - ORANGE - SALE PRICED WHEN ORDERED with REKLUSE ADV EXP kit$60.00$40.00
5Oberon Billet Clutch Slave Spacer - BLACK - SALE PRICED WHEN ORDERED with REKLUSE ADV EXP kit$60.00$40.00
6EXP Clutch kit with TI face clutch cover package (RMS 6381 w/ CJD clutch cover body and face)$1,264.00$1,250.00
7EXP Clutch kit with Alum face clutch cover package (RMS 6381 w/ CJD clutch cover body and face)$1,185.00$1,175.00
8replacemet EXP 2.0 BASE set (140-204a) outer aluminum fibers$138.00
9replacement EXP 3.0 BASE set (140-214) outer aluminum fibers$138.00
10COMPLETE EXP 3.0 BASE Assembly w/o no hardware (reuse your own)$240.00