Oberon KTM- Install info

Oberon Performance Hydraulic Slave Cylinder KTM LC8 Install Info

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Add a clutch cooler extension to build a great package.

KTM clutch slave cylinder by Oberon Performance. Designed to improve the efficiency and looks of the original clutch slave cylinder for LC8 engines. The enhanced 27mm piston reduces the heaviness of the original clutch action and brings much relief to aching arms. The internal piston design, seals and breather hole have been drastically enhanced to prevent leaks and leave a smoother clutch action. CNC machined from T6 billet alloy for lightness, strength and eye-catching looks. Seven fantastic colours to choose from. Everything you need is included in the kit including full instructions and is ready to fit.

 Weight: 100g

Fluid (Use KTM approved fluid only)

o Smoother action with progressive feel
o 7 anodised colours
o Black, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red, Silver and Titanium look
o CNC machined from billet aluminium
o Integrated piston guide
o Genuine ‘U’ seals for precision action
o Wiper seal to stop dirt ingress
o Manufacturers warranty
o Shaft and dust sealed back
o Fitting instructions included
o Copper sealing washers included
o Simple to install
o Banjo thread protector
o Oberon Bleed® System
o Stainless steel fasteners

UNIQUE DESIGN, Oberon designed a special air pocket deep in the slave cylinder body, this improves the bleeding process due to the Oberon Bleed® System moving air bubbles up toward the bleed nipple. Saving time and fluid making the whole process much simpler for the fitter. The genuine ‘U’ seals in this product have been CNC machined for accuracy and longevity (we DO NOT use ‘O’ rings which may fail). Each cylinder is supplied fully assembled sealed to prevent dust and dirt ingress. In all a total solution.


CJ Designs riders have been using the Oberon slave cylinders for several years and many thousands of miles and we have had no problems or failures.  This truly is a bolt on improvement for any KTM LC8 bike.


We now have an Aluminum replacement backing plate to replace the OEM plastic one.  I have found that warp/crack and cause a little binding. (color: black or orange)

Mounting plate for all LC8 KTM Slave Cylinders: This product replaces the OEM plastic version. The Billet aluminium version produced by Oberon Performance will improve the mounting of either the original Slave Cylinder or the Oberon replacement KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder, also due to the natural heat dissipation of this alloy a cooler running condition will allow better operation and more reliable performance from the clutch action. Retain the spacers from your plastic backing plate and insert them into the billet item to complete the assembly.

Very nice unit, well built and looks great.
When removing the RUBBER cap, be sure that the ball bearing is placed inside the Piston Bore and NOT inside the rubber cap.  All current kits come with the ball bearing in a separate bag.


Basic install pictures & details

  • Start by loosening the bleed screw when the stock slave is on the bike.
  • Place a rag underneath.
  • Remove completely.
  • Remove the screw that holds the slave to the motor.
  • New crush gaskets are included and the same bleeder is used.  This works great as the stock KTM tools can be used to service in the future.
  • We recommend a good flush of your fluid every 10,000 miles.  Easy to do it now while you have it apart.
  • Don’t transfer over the o-ring that is  on the stock KTM slave.
  • We’ve had good luck gravity bleeding the stock unit in the past and it worked just as well with the Oberon unit.
  • Fill up the reservoir.
  • Wait until you see fluid coming out of the bleeder.  If you the stock reservoir keep an eye on it, only a few pumps of the handle and it will be empty. (Larger CJ Designs unit is shown)
  • We use Mobile 1 ATF.
  • Then tighten everything down and pump it a few times.  After that bleed it like a brake system to get all the air out.
  • Now go out and enjoy worry free travel and silky smooth clutch action.
  • If you find the clutch not working or disengaging fully, your Clutch Push rod might be damaged, we have seen this more with the 03-04 bikes that came with the 3 piece Steel/Alum part.  Contact us for the upgrade shaft.
  • Now is also a good time to CLEAN or Upgrade that oil jet.