No-Toil EVO Air filter oil

– Non alcohol

– Non-flammable

– Only “air shippable” foam air filter oil

– Compatible with alll foam air filters

– Foam Friendly (Will not degrade foam)

– HI-Tack

– Completely Biodegradable and non-toxic

– Waterproof: will not wash off filter with water alone

– Super EX to clean using Evolution Bio Filter Cleaner

– Green Standard Leader

See below options for package options-

#4 – 2 pack includes one 16oz Evo Filter Oil and one 16oz Evo Filter Cleaner

#5 – 3 pack includes one 16oz Evo Filter Oil, one 16oz Evo Filter Cleaner, one 4oz Evo Rim Grease

sold each

Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1EVO Air filter oil -16oz 53-1206$9.50$8.75
2EVO Air filter oil -1/2 gallon 53-1209$35.99$33.50
3EVO Air filter oil -12 oz Aerosol 53-1210$16.25$15.25
4EVO Air filter oil - 2 pack oil /cleaner 16oz - 53-1207$15.25$14.50
5EVO Air filter oil - 3 pack oil /cleaner 16oz, rim grease 4oz - 53-1208$21.00$19.25
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