KTM LC8 Oil Sender unit and Gasket – 60038091100 / 0603100141

This is the Oil pressure sender unit for the KTM LC8 950/990 engines.

If you are noticing an oil leak from between the cylinders, this is most likely it and the cheapest thing to check before tearing apart your engine.

These can last  10 miles or 100,ooo miles and can start to leak for no reason.  We carry a spare on our bike as no dealers ever tends to stock these when we need one.

KTM LC8 Oil Sender unit: 60038091100

Gasket: 0603100141


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#OptionPriceSale Price
1ktm sender unit ONLY - 60038091100$11.25$9.99
2ktm sender gasket ONLY - 0603100141$1.50$0.99
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