KTM clutch slave piston O-rings – Viton

KTM doesn’t have a kit listed to replace just the o-ring on you OEM clutch slave.  KTM only has a complete kit.  If you are going to do that, just buy the Oberon Slave and be done with it.

If you need to get by with what you have or just want to add a few spares to your tool kits.  These are the BEST ones I’ve found.

Viton for longer life.



misc hardware
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#OptionPriceSale Price
1KTM VITON SLAVE O-RINGS (B-M2) (9263K647, B-M2 )$3.00$2.50
Order misc hardware KTM VITON SLAVE O-RINGS (B-M2) (9263K647, B-M2 ) @ $2.50