KTM 950/990/1190/1290 OEM & Aftermarket Sprockets and Chains

Same sprockets that come on your bike from the factory.  We use these on most of our bikes because of their long life and repeatable mileage.

I normally swap chain and sprockets sets every 15-18,000 miles so as not be left stranded in the middle of no where.

My common Adventure touring ratios are 17/45 with 118 length chain.

Race ratios are 16/45,47, or 49.    I will run a longer 120 length chain for extra knobby clearance.  This extra length moves the rear wheel back away from the Mud guard so that it does not get rubbed by tire.

We keep most of these in stock at all times as I need to keep my bike rolling, and never know when I might need to hit the road.

Sizes also available from Supersprox in an Aluminum body, steel teeth.






For chains I stock the DID ZVMX 525 GOLD,  These come in 120 link lengths.  We can cut them down to 118 link OEM length if needed.  Please select the length you prefer and we can send you out a kit cut to length, ready to rivet on.  This service may add 2-3 days to shipment.

Motion pro Chain riveters are also in stock and are a very handy tool to add to your garage. See option # 12




Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
142th rear -KTM ADV/SE (PB-LG) 60010051042$80.00$76.00
245th rear -KTM ADV/SE (PB-LG) 60010051045$66.00$63.00
345th rear -KTM SUPERSPROX ORANGE -ADV/SE 6011005104504 (PB-LG)$125.00$108.00
416th front damped -KTM LC8 60033129016 (PB-LG)$56.00$53.00
517th front non damped 60033029017 -KTM LC8 (PB-LG)$35.00$33.00
617th front damped 60033129017 -KTM LC8 (PB-LG)$59.00$57.00
716t front JT brand Sprocket, JTF1904.16 #248355 (PB-LG) $29.00$23.00
816t front SUNSTAR Sprocket, SUN 42716 525-16T, #901716 (PB-LG)$36.00$29.00
915t fron JT brank Sprocket ,JTF1904.15 (PB-LG) $29.00$23.00
10Chain, DID ZVMX 525 -118 LINK (B-C3)$208.00$200.00
11Chain, DID ZVMX 525 - 120 (B-C2)$208.00$190.00
12MOTION PRO CHAIN TOOL - Rivetor/Breaker (G-L6) 08-0058$105.00$97.00
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