This is very well made gear.  Contact us if there is anything we can do to be of help.

Haul Loops

When the going gets sloppy,  You’ll want these.  The Grab Loops allow you a safe and secure handle to muscle that bike out of the mud or up the hill. It’s easier to find people willing to help if they have something to grab onto.  Don’t ask how I know.

Front and rear in stock!!



Fork Skins

Wondering why you keep burning up fork seals? It’s all the mud and grit getting past the wipers.

These Fork Skins can save a lot of seal service.  No need to take the fork apart to install.  They are attached with Velcro and a zip tie.  When they get too dirty, pull them off, wash them out and put them back on. Easy.

These are used on our bikes.

Hydrapack 3

My new favorite Hydro pack.  It holds 3 liters of  fluid to keep you going all day.

Never used a hydration system before.  What are you waiting for?

When riding hard or even traveling, I always have this with me.  You’ll be surprised how much more hydrated you are and less fatigued you will feel because water is just a sip away.




R30 Motorcycle Waterproof Backpack

The best waterproof motorcycle backpack available.

High quality 30 liter waterproof backpack.  No need for a dry sack.  Hold all
your gear and keeps it dry.

Also available in 15 and 25 liter sizes. R15 / R25





(MX or Street version helmet)
Zip-up Neoskin (coated Neoprene) MX/Supermoto style helmet bag. Protects from scratches & abrasion.

Protect your helmet with a cover that fits like a glove.

NEOSKIN: coated neoprene — Nylon drawstring storage bag.


Tool Toll/Pouch

The best tool pouch CJ Designs has ever used! Keep items neat and easy to find.

CJ tested and Approved A+

1000D Dupont Cordura tool roll option for R3, R11 and US-5 (included with R8 waistpack).

N.B. Tools not included.

  • 50 x 225mm (unfolded dimensions)
  • 135 x 225mm (folded dimensions)
  • 30 x elastic loops
  • Velcro closure strap
  • 10-year guarantee


Travel organiser / wallet.

This is the perfect little wallet for your adventure trips. Zipped pockets, key clip and a buckle to keep from loosing important documents. Worked great to keep our passports on us during our Mexico trip. Clip to the inside pocket of your jacket or tank bag and it will never leave your side.




Check out the Mexico ride report. I had a chance to use the Hydro pack, Tool roll, Drypack 10 and the Stash on this trip.

All great products and perfect for DS riders. The hydro pack fits great and hold enough water for all day hiking and riding. With a 10 yr warranty, I will have these products along with me on the trails for many years to come.

We stock a full line of Kreiga Products, please email us if you don’t see it listed below. we are working to add more product asap.

Check out Kriega’s reviews and then get your own.


Kreiga Product
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1Haul Loop - Front (KWEHL)$29.00
2Haul Loop - Rear (KWEHLR)$29.00
3Fork Seal covers - per set (KWEFK) (SM-PB)$25.00
4Hydro- 3 backpack (HYRUC3)$139.00
5R15 BACK PACK (KRU15)$129.00
6R20 BACK PACK (KRU20)$149.00
7R25 BACK PACK (KRU25)$189.00
8R30 BACK PACK (KRU30)$239.00
9R35 BACK PACK (KRU35)$249.00
10TOOL ROLL #828454 (KTORO)$35.00
11Rack Loops - 4 pack (KRKL)$39.00
12Panniers Overlander 60 (KOV60)$795.00
13Panniers Overlander 30 (KOV30)$299.00
14Kube Pocket (KKUPP)$25.00
15Kube 4 (KKU4)$29.00
16Kube 1 (KKU1)$19.00
17Stash Organiser (KSTSH)$19.00
18US Helmet Skin - Road (KSKN/RD)$59.00
19US Helmet Skin - MX (KSKN/MX)$59.00
203L Hydrapack + Tube (HYPAK3)$49.00
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