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K60 Scout Dual Sport Tire

The acclaimed K60 Scout Dual Sport tire.

A true “50/50” dual sport tire, the K60 Scout brings a proven balance of performance on- and off-road. With an improved tread and compound, the Scout delivers better cornering stability and wet weather grip on the pavement, while delivering off-road as well.

We recommend the K60 Scout for more road use, and the K60 for more off road use.  The Scout has a lug that wraps all the way around the side and give less bite in the ruts.

We prefer the K60 for DS use when long amounts of road is between you and the trails.   Both tires have the same lug height and give the same tire life.

K60 shown below- with side lugs

I prefer the K60 over the scout as it’s more of a DS tire.   We have seen 14,000 miles on these front tires time and time again.  We run about 36 PSI.


K79 Front Motor Cross Tire

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The K79 is built for soft and sandy surfaces. The special DOT knobby design allows superior acceleration and stability.


Other tires options we have used with the rear K60 and stock are the TKC 80 Front and Dunlop 606 Front.

The TKC 80 gives more bite off road, comfortable on pavement and has a longer lug height, but gives less overall mileage than the K60.  (Est 4-7,000 miles)

The Dunlop 606 offer even more bite off road but less on pavement.  (est 3-5,000 miles)


heidenau 21"
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1K60 Scout - Front 90/90-21" 92.4 K60909021 (TR-MM)$120.00$92.00
2K60 - Front 90/90-21"(more aggressive side lug) 92.4 K60909021O (TR-MM)$120.00$92.00
3K79 Front - 90/90-21" DOT Knobby 73 K79909021 (TR-MM)$99.00$75.00
4Continental TKC 80 - 90/90-21" front (TR-MM)$120.00$105.00
5Dunlop 606 front -21"$125.00$89.00
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