CPR Rottweiler Pre-filters

Dramitically reduce filter service intervals on the standard CPR filter with Foam pre filters.

Available in standard 40 cell for General use(red) or 60 cell for Dusty condistions (dark grey).

Start with one installed on the bike and one stored in a ziplock bag under the seat.  Pre oiled units can be swapped out in minutes without removing the base filter and are cleaned much easier as well.  Extend your riding miles between Filter service.

If you ride the Dirt, you should add a foam Pre-filter or 2.

IN STOCK ready to ship.

SAS system will need to be removed.  Get your SAS plates HERE.

Jetting Kits can save you time and get you riding sooner.   Order yours HERE.

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1CPR foam pre filter- RED (BLK-4)$35.00$31.00
2CPR foam pre filter-GREY (BLK-4)$35.00$31.00
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