CPR 950 jetting kit

Want to get riding now?  No need to spend time trying to figure it out yourself.

We have custom jetting kits available to get you going fast and easy.

Order yours now.

And don’t forget to order a set of SAS plates too.

Order the CPR filter and Jet kit with Filter skins and short trumpets for a combo package price!  SAVE $$$

These come setup to plug your OEM crank breather hose into the bottom of the base plate.  If you want faster removal and remove any chance of your engine sucking crank oil into the engine, go for the “NO HOLE” version.  This will give you a base plate with out a hole and allow you to remotely place the crank vent where you want.

You can also Change your base plate to the “NO HOLE” version for no charge.  You MUST add item #5 to order.

You will need a CRANK VENT for the the “NO HOLE” base.  See item #6.



Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1CPR-JK-FP jet kit (Y-C2)$145.00
3CPR LC8 950 ADV Air Filter - with jet kit - custom$425.00
4CJD-CPR-JET KIT PACKAGE-950SE )( CPR LC8 950 SE Domed Air Filter, and short trumpets, 950SE jet kit, 3 pack of filter skins (329/50/145/15)$562.00$539.00
5CHANGE to "NO HOLE" base - no charge when ordering combo.CC-BLANK-A (TR)$0.00$0.00
6UNI CRANK VENT for KTM, #149857 (PB-SM)$16.25$15.00
7KTM 950 LC8 FLEX JETS -JP_flex2 - SET (Y-C1)$105.00$99.00
8CJD-CPR-950SE JET KIT - custom$150.00
Order CPR-jet-kit CPR-JK-FP jet kit (Y-C2) @ $145.00