KTM 950/990 ADV- SE Bearings and Seals

Items to keep your bike on the trails and out of the shop at great prices.

Wheel bearing kits come with bearings and seals.


If you are installing new seals, it would be wise to look at the condition of your spacers.  if they are grooved up, they will destroy your new seals fast.

Replace them with new ones here:  KTM WHEEL SPACERS 


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Product Options
#OptionPriceSale Price
1Front Wheel bearing and Seal Kit (KTM 950/990 ADV-SE-SM -2003-2013)-AB25-1402$26.75$24.00
2Rear Wheel bearing and Seal Kit (KTM ADV-SE-SM 2006-2013)-AB25-1533$30.25$28.81
3Rear Wheel bearing and Seal Kit (KTM ADV 2003-2005)-AB25-1532$44.20$39.00
4Stearing Bearing and seal kit - AB22-1026$31.50$29.75
5Fork seal and Dust seal kit - AB56-146$29.50$27.36
6Fork Bushing kit - # 413189$48.25$45.94
7Chain Roller Kit - AB79-5008$17.25$15.28
8Motion Pro -Seal Mate - Seal wiper #158356$6.79$6.25
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